Feeling refreshing of mind


From spring to fall, Zao is a wonderful place to enjoy playing some sports or camping. In Zao, there are nice places for playing tennis, playing groud, and very nice hiking routes.
In Sumikawa, Akiyamazawa,Koaderazawa,we can enjoy fishing. We can enjoy refreshing air in the forest, there are many kinds of birds. In winter Eboshi skiing ground is very poplular for skiing, near the Eboshi skiing ground. there is a hot spring.


There are many traditional festivals and modern events in Tohgatta. An example of this is the Kokeshi dolls house(A selection of traditional art work in dolls from around Japan).In winter is Dontosai, the gathering and burning of new year charms.Summer sees the “Bonodori”, a parade of half-naked men and kimonoed women who pray and revere the deceased and drive away evil spirits.