A Paradise of nature, Miyagi Zao



In spring, the quasinational park Zao, with snow melting, trees and grasses begin to bud. In the middle of April peach, pear and rape blossoms bloom. These are named “three sisters in spring”, and are also very popular in Zao as delicious foods, The flowers give a beautiful sight to visitors.


As mountains are covered with fresh green leaves, and alpine plants bloom. it’s an exciting summer in Zao. Green leaves and streams under the brilliant sunshine bring us a refreshing season.In Sumikawa, there are some waterfalls, “Fudotaki” and “Sankaitaki”.They are selected as two of Japan’s 100 most beautiful waterfalls and cool and resfresh us.


In fall Mt.Zao changed color, like it’s wearing a beautiful kimono.It’s because of the temperature loss and the trees become autumnal leaves.And it’s the harvest season, so we can enjoy picking apples and pears. In fall,the beautiful nature and delicious crops impresses the people who visit Miyagi Zao .


It’s famous for the snow monsters of Zao, just like an art work produced by frozen wind-swept snow covering the trees.Eboshi,Sumikawa are skiing grounds, so skiers can enjoy skiing on powder snow.All levels of skiers can enjoy skiing and snoboarding.Tohgatta Spa and some lodges are near the ski pistes so we can enjoy a hot spiring or staying there after skiing.




A symbol of Zao is “Okama”, a deep blue and very mysterious lake.It’s also called Goshikinuma.because the cokor changes several times a day depending on the angle of the sunlight. (perimeter of about 1.5 kilometers and water depth of about 25 meters.)

●Alpine plants


From spring to fall alpine plants bloom all over the place.Above all, the famous flower name is “Komakusa”.It’s small and color of pink. The best time see this flower is  from the middle June through July. Grow in colonies at the “Komakusadaira”.It’s in the middle Echoline.  

●autumnal leaves


 The Zao Echoline is connect Miyagi and Yamagata. It’s refressing to dorive through the gorgeous scenery of the Zao mountains. In fall, around the Zao Echoline some of the maple trees turn red and others turn yellow.During October trees in Sumikawa, Akiyamazawa are a great sight.



Juhyo is also called “snow monster”.It be can only seen in places meeting  certain conditions.It’s a very rare art of nature.In Miyagi Zao Sumikawa Snow Park  is great viewing  sight. You can enjoy the mysterious world of snow monster from a large snoumobile.

Feeling refreshing of mind


From spring to fall, Zao is a wonderful place to enjoy playing some sports or camping. In Zao, there are nice places for playing tennis, playing groud, and very nice hiking routes.
In Sumikawa, Akiyamazawa,Koaderazawa,we can enjoy fishing. We can enjoy refreshing air in the forest, there are many kinds of birds. In winter Eboshi skiing ground is very poplular for skiing, near the Eboshi skiing ground. there is a hot spring.


There are many traditional festivals and modern events in Tohgatta. An example of this is the Kokeshi dolls house(A selection of traditional art work in dolls from around Japan).In winter is Dontosai, the gathering and burning of new year charms.Summer sees the “Bonodori”, a parade of half-naked men and kimonoed women who pray and revere the deceased and drive away evil spirits.

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